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Pretty good, really authentic video game music

However, you could do more with the strings at the end part, by varying the rhythm (you had a pause, then it played every quarter beat) ; in my opinion, it subtracts from the work a little, and it might be worth experimenting. Other than pretty good, though I think you could take the theme further and follow up on some ideas; one of them ended at 0:15 a little abruptly.

Nicely done; could use more musical evolution.

Good ambient that fits into the title, and great as slightly minamilist background music. I would have liked a little more growth in the melody and rhythm, it seemed as if there were a lot of directions the song could go into, and you could have explored some of them. But if that was not your intention, then it's still not too bad as a song. Liked it when the drums came in.


It's really good for a trance song, seeing that it was really, really varied and everything. I loved the downward chord progression and the piano the first time round, though it lost its impact partly the second time round. I have not heard the original (or even the game, actually), but wow, well done.

A suggestion would be for you to introduce a break in the drumbeats and perhaps show the piano melody line in all its glory, with accompianment, of course. Nicely done, keep it up!

Laikros responds:

Yeah, I'll get a redone x 2 version whenever I can.
Thank you! :3

Like a prelude to battle

Nicely done. As you said, fantasy-like; almost sounds like the gathering of storm clouds. Kudos for the title and the song.

Oriental and different.

I liked the song, overall. I must say that the title is very appropriate for the song, since the introduction to the piece gives the impresssion of clockwork. After that, the song turned a little oriental, which I like. My only qualms about the song is that, somehow, I expected a crash of drums to happen in the song, but I guess you kept it the way you want to, and that's okay. Alright, this was nicely done.


Well, your work puts mine to shame. Just when I THINK that I have composed a nice sonata, I hear this and my effort goes down the drain. This is definitely high quality. Simply put, it's amazing, though I feel it might be a little rough for a Nocturne. The only thing I hold against the piece is that the ending seems a little weak as compared to the rest of the piece, though it really is a nice extension of theme 2. Bleh, before I go about copying the other guy's review, I'll say thank you.

NickPerrin responds:

Yeah I agree, I began to realize it might be a little intense for a Nocturne. And wow, you totally echo my feelings about the ending. Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it!

Uniquely done.

I really don't think I'm that suited to giving a review, actually, since well... it's your style of house, anyways. But well... the little additions you put in to the main theme as the song went along were too little, and perhaps didn't really keep my interest throughout the song. However, the main theme itself IS unique, the recurring synth melody is not something one hears everyday... Nice as dance-club music, I guess, but not exactly something I would listen to in my free time.

However, if it's really played by the DJs around your area, then thumbs up, then.

Song's extremely harsh, but still has some merit.

Well... I liked the chorus (the part from 0:01 to 0:06 and repeats throughout the song some times). However, your attempted use of counterpoint isn't too effective, and well, it gives the impression of a housefly flying about. Some parts also don't exactly jell in with each other too (such as 0:31 and other parts of the song). I did however, like the section from 0:40 to 0:49, but unfortunately, that ended abruptly.

Generally, lessen the use of high-pitched sounds, and well, try to work with a single-line melody first. It still does sound somehow climatic and such, but well... much could be improved.

Brilliance Personified

Really, this is amazing as an orchestral piece, though I would imagine that it would be more of a 'sea' piece, than a 'night sky' piece. But really, all the ingredients were present; the main theme, the development, the recapitulation, and the ending were all very nicely done. It also had a grand feeling to it. Good job, really.

Catchy, but slightly too repetitive

At the beginning, I see that you looped your music over and over again for more than 8 measures. Although the introduction was really good and attention-grabbing, and the music itself was catchy and nice, it was definitely two repetitive, and was only made up of two seperate sections, over three minutes. Furthermore, the second one didn't have much related to the first one... so... that could be improved on.

Teamd0m1nat3 responds:

thanks for your opinions.. and i agree it gets repetitive but i will definitely be working on it some more. so look out for the new version soon

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